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KR-XH H beam CNC cutting machine

Product features:

KR-XH8 profile cutting production line cutting module set includes (storage rack, the feed car, the conveying roller bed, feeding trolley and trolley tracks, cutting unit, discharge units, finished rack, dust removal device, console station etc.) conveyed through the transfer roller to the cutting station intersecting line cutting and transporting the pipe after cutting to the next station.

Machine Dimensions Length: The total length of the entire cutting unit is 25000mm, wherein the cutting station length 2000mm. Feeding positioning feed roller conveyor area is 13000mm, to ensure maximum acceptance of raw materials to be cut 12000mm,Finished output 10000mm.

Machine width dimensions: 8000mm 500x500mm can store five profiles, specifically designed according to user. 

For the workpiece material: carbon steel, stainless steel.

Product specification & moving axis

Items Parameters
Cutting the diameter

H profiles 50~500mm-800mm or special design

Cutting length Effective cutting6m/9m/ 12m
The wall thickness of the plasma cutting Max 25mm ,25-60mm cut by gas
Requirements of the workpiece ovality ≤1%
Effective cutting length 12000mm
Cutting speed 10~2000mm/min
Moving speed 10~6000mm/min(Can be set)
Cutting accuracy ±1.5mmmm
Positioning accuracy ±0.3mmmm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
The maximum weight for pipe cutting 5000Kg
Oblique angle between the tube 10°-170°
Precision error 0.2°/360°

Axis of movement

Select cutting machine axes


Effective cutting length of pipe fittings

1000mm(special specifications can be customized)


Axis effective stroke length

Z-axis Axis effective stroke length 600mm

Unlimited rotation

Rotary fittings


Yaw angle   ≤ 270 °


Cutting gun  rotation angle ≤ 270 °


H-beam feed position effective range of movement in accordance with the customer profile length, the standard model 12M.

Features and advantage

1.Adopt welded platform,humanized design human-computer exchange more convenient and reasonable  stable operation and increased life expectance.

2.KASRY professional special-shaped pipe cutting systerm, the AutoCAD platform application development based on the two time, convenient and fast modeling, arbitrary graphics overlapping stick out a mile, can dire-ctly generate standard G code, The 3D simulation, operation, nodal expansion, super long pipe fittings such as spin off, optimization, EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility of ultra large.

3.Advantech industrial computer programming can be directly on the machine.Using menu type programming to select input cutting parameter, such as outer diameter, wall thickness, bevel Angle, deviation, compensation

date , and so on. At the same time a seamless intersection can be made by other professional software.

Application profiles type:

It can cut various carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials of profiles.

Application industry:

Widely used in Building walls, web structure, steel structure, marine engineering, recreational facilities, fitness equipment and other industries.

Our Services
1.One year warranty,free maintenance throughout service time.. technical support through Email and telephone.
3.Training and installation on-site if required.


Why choose us
1. Canadian Professionaloptimize CNC system has , AutoCAD version of the project design can be directly generated CNC machine code . Dimensional simulation operation, the node is expanded , long tube splitting , fittings optimization , oversized EGES DXF SAT and STL and other software compatibility
2. A userfriendly design , casting parts precision machining equipment to ensure highprecision, high stability , high life expectancy .
3. One year warranty,free maintenance throughout service time.
4.Our software can be free upgraded lifetime .
5.First manufactuer cut square rail and other profile


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