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KR-XYS simplify round pipe CNC cutting machine

Product features:

Brief introduction

Pipe CNC cutting machine for round pipe. It can cut carbon steel, stainless and other material which are widely used in pressure vessel pipes, pipe processing, network structure, steel structure, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.

Moving axis

Range of activities

X axis

Pipe rotation axis

360°  freedom of rotation 

Y Axis

The torch moving along the pipe horizontal axis 

Maximum stroke ( pipe length )

Z axis

The rise and fall of the torch 



Light weight body , easy operation , reasonable price .

1.Professional CNC system and cutting software, a large number of standard and special graphical macro library to choose, a 10 inch LCD touch screen, USB interface independent .

designed specifically for maintenance and setting, allowing work stick out a mile.

2.Suitable for simple process cutting, such as orthogonal embouchure, saddle type section and shrimp, etc. Support the slotting compensation.



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