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KR-PL Gantry CNC cutting robot

Product features:

KASRY KR-PL Gantry CNC cutting machine

Gantry CNC cutting machine. Applicable to all kinds of thick sheet metal precision machining industry, such as: SS steel decorative fabrication work,steel door&gates,curtain walls, gratings,fencing,architectural steel,car park,shipbuilding & shipyards, boiler and vessels,mechanical machines making and other industries related with steel works.

Gantry cnc with plasma and flame cutting method,applied to all kinds of metal materials,like stainless steel,carbon steel,mild steel,copper,brass,iron,gold,aluminium,etc

Features: This equipment is divided into light and heavy

Light machine: beams use rectangular tube structure, beautiful appearance, small inertia, good rigidity, smooth operation.

Heavy machine: hollow steel welding technology, good rigidity and long life, good heat dissipation,

Time processing using high-precision gantry milling good rack and rail surface, improve cutting accuracy and lifespan of using.

Technical parameters:


Light machine for cutting steel plate cutting manufacturing user groups.

Heavy machine is suitable for high-precision plate material processing industry, such as: steel, shipyards, mechanical processing plants and other large enterprises.

Cutting samples:

Selection Guide:

Effective cutting and practical model calculation:

X-axis span -350mm- machine torch 300mm / the first torch

Machine Y axis -2000mm

According to the plate thickness materials to select cutting mode;

The following non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel and aluminum should use plasma cutting .

Common cutting thickness and maximum cutting thickness should be marked, so we can recommend to you the most cost-effective model.

The steel industry customers can choose 4 to 9 straight cutting torch as required




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